Greenhouse Shed Building Project Plans

My wife desired a quaint, attractive greenhouse to go at our cottage.  We searched far and wide with little luck in finding something that didn't look like an eyesore in the backyard.  I custom designed and built this fully insulated and heated building so she can enjoy her hobby year round.  Building measures 10' x 12' and contains 16" pea stone floor for water drainage.  Plan includes detailed drawings as well as a full material list with estimated cost as of 2018.  Materials will vary depending on your location and you may have to substitute some products.  We are very satisfied with the end product and have enjoyed its use now for about 7 years.​


Boathouse Shed Building Project Plans

Here's a quaint and spacious Boat House / Shed for lots of storage at the lake or adapt it to your back yard.  Overall unit measures 14 x 15 with a full 11' ceiling in the main part.  Lots of light comes in through the upper dormer windows.  Lower right access door gives access to a generous storage area for kayaks and paddleboards.  Double doors give access for storing riding mower up to 42" deck and still allowing ample room to move about in the space.  Nice covered porch gives you  a bit of shade on a hot summer day.  Maintenance free construction.  Building project plans provide several detailed photos during construction, detail drawings, materials list and construction tips.​


Barn Shed Building Project Plan

Can't find that perfect workshop plan that has been custom designed and suits all the needs of the amateur or professional woodworker?  Look no further.  Here is a plan for a 14' x 20'' workshop with spacious access doors, overhead ventilation and a full 13' ceiling so you can turn those long pieces when you need to.   Plans include detailed drawings as well as a complete materials list and estimated costs in 2018 (cost will vary depending on where you are located and what materials are available to you).  Although this structure has not yet been built it is planned for Spring 2018 construction.  Details are for a fully insulated and vinyl sided building>  Although not specified, lighting and electrical are budgeted but left for placement by final builder.  Porch decking is not included in the plans due to site restrictions.​


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9' Indoor Shuffleboard Plans


Project plans include a detailed set of instructions to build your own quality, hardwood indoor shuffleboard table.  The playing surface of this table is  96" with the outside of the table accommodating space for the pucks to fall reasonably well off the playing surface.  This is an ideal size for most family rooms, still providing a quality time of competition.  Unlike many units on the market, the playing surface of our table is a solid, hard maple surface measuring a full 2" in thickness.  Many commercially produced tables are only 1 1/2" thick and some are a composite base in place of solid hardwoods.  Buyer will be provided with step by step instructions for the entire playing surface as well as the surrounding table and legs.  We also provide you with detailed information on where to purchase the accessories to accompany your new table.

These plans are not designed for beginning woodworkers.  They will require level 4 or level 5 woodworking abilities and a number of quality tools to insure success in the building process.  Get your plans today so you can start your construction of the beautiful table and enjoy using it for the winter months.



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Majestic 11' Split Rock Lighthouse Plan

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This plan is a fairly easy to construct unit even though it is large.  Skill level 2 or 3 should enable one to build this majestic scale model of the famous real lighthouse located at the western end of Lake Superior in Two Harbors, Minnesota.

The lighthouse is constructed of four sections which end being stacked and attached to each other.  This is necessary due to the weight of each of the sections and the required help to assemble it at the 11' height.  The lighthouse can remain painted over the 3/4" exterior plywood and treated lumber or, as we have done, brick the exterior with a laminate brick product to resemble the true construction of the original light. 

Assembly is fairly easy but often should require four hands during the process.  One person can do it but there will be frustrating times in trying to line up large panels and have them fit properly.  Again, a second pair of hands if for nothing more than holding pieces in place while they are secured.

We are quite proud of our accomplishment with this plan and the minimal maintenance required for it, just some black trim and the lower white section to paint.

We invite you to join us in helping spread the light of this famous lighthouse!


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Portable Panel Saw Cutting Table Plans

We built this table for our own shop back in 2007.  Forgot we had developed plans so the ingenuity could be passed on to others.  In clearing files we found a hardcopy of the plans, although the electronic version died with a dead computer several years ago.  This is a 'just gotta have' for any woodworker who gets tired of lifting large panels, lining them up on sawhorses, and worrying if the pieces will stay on so they don't get damaged when cutting.  The table tilts, allowing you to place the sheet in a vertical position, then tilt it down to a horizontal position.  Support blocks are present to allow you to cut the material without cutting into the basic table (new blocks can be inserted as others wear out).  In 5 years of use, we have yet to replace a support block.  Project should be able to be assembled in 1-2 days and will begin helping you in your shop immediately upon completion.  Support table is constructed in two sections and can be dismantled and removed from the bottom cart portion for ease of storage.  Sure is a lifesaver when it comes to woodworking!


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This item a set of project plans to build your own Fruit Jar Candy Dispenser. Basic woodworking skills are required to build this project. Advanced skills will definitely accelerate the process.

We have built thousands of these dispensers over the years, selling them at craft shows, individually and on our website. We took a basic unit, which honestly, looked rather archaic, improved on the concepts to develop this piece that is more representative of a piece of furniture rather than an ugly duckling and will look attractive when set on your countertop or bar. Detailed plans, specifications and photos are included to help you with your assembly process. Through offering this auction, we are responding to many individual requests over the years to provide these plans. They are our own creation, copyrighted by our company (Wooden Pieces) but we will allow you to produce as many as you wish and either give them away or sell them. We just want people to enjoy candy like M&M's from a very unique dispenser. Good luck in your endeavors.


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